Bachelor of Science Degree

Become a successful marketing leader who achieves business goals. Learn the marketing skills demanded by leading companies around the world today, including how to resolve multi-faceted business challenges with creative solutions. Gain knowledge of market research, using data to analyze markets, market conditions, and consumer behavior. Acquire the skill to maximize business performance through effective digital marketing strategies, managing multiple marketing channels, and various resources.

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Courses in the major include:

This course builds practical skills that are essential to effective communication and relationship building with an organization's internal and external stakeholders. Students employ the communication process to develop effective messaging and diffusion of information. Emphasis is placed on the use of traditional and digital media formats to reach target audiences and achieve organizational and business goals. Ethical and legal considerations in business communications also are explored. Cohort Courses Must be Taken in Order
This course prepares students for success in their academic and professional careers. The foundation for professional development is explained through an appraisal of the student’s learning style, emotional intelligence, ethics, and self-management style. Students demonstrate best practices for academic research in their chosen field of study by examining current marketing trends, employment, and professional networking tools. Finally, the students practice communication strategies for groups, individual presentations, and professional networking tools.
This course focuses on the information and tools needed to apply critical thinking and problem solving to business decisions. Students explore critical components of the business environment that impact organizational success and gain understanding of the data sources and analytical tools that assist in the decision-making process. Cohort Courses Must be Taken in Order
This course focuses on the skills required at the management level to understand financial data and reliable tools that drive decision making within the organization. Students will gain an overview of the practical application of accounting concepts and processes that relate to the overall economic health of the organization. Emphasis will be placed on how to use these basic concepts to support organizational decision making and growth in today's rapidly changing environment. Cohort Courses Must be Taken in Order
This course explores the key principals and functions of marketing and the role of the marketing manager in the modern, customer-centric environment. Students are introduced to the holistic marketing approach, focusing on the development, creation and implementation of marketing activities within an organization. Cohort Courses Must be Taken in Order
This course introduces marketing research and the application of research instruments and processes that are most effective in helping the marketing professional maintain competitiveness in a dynamic environment. Students explore techniques used to gain reliable information about customers, competition and industry, which support decision making and development of marketing activities. Cohort Courses Must be Taken in Order
This course examines theories, concepts and principles of customer behavior and market segmentation. Students expand upon their knowledge of marketing research and its application in identifying market segments and building effective customer relationships. Particular attention is placed on recognizing market influences to help forecast and shape consumer and business purchasing preferences. Cohort Courses Must be Taken in Order
This course focuses on the distribution and promotion of goods and services through integrated marketing channels. Students explore a range of conventional and innovative value networks, as well as forms of marketing communication, including advertising, social media and mobile marketing to develop and build brand equity. Cohort Courses Must be Taken in Order
This course examines the modern global economy and the impact of globalization on the marketing function. Students explore cultural influences that affect consumer behavior and impact branding and marketing decisions. Competitive factors unique to global organizations are studied. Cohort Courses Must be Taken in Order
This course will bring together the skills and knowledge gained throughout the program to take a strategic look at the role of the marketing manager. Students will produce a final project which will be embedded within the overall marketing strategy. Cohort Courses Must be Taken in Order

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