Summer FUNdamentals Webinar Series

Take a short break this summer to learn about topics that can expand your opportunities, or just give you something fun to think about.

All webinars are on-demand and last an hour.

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On-Demand: Your EI Quotient: Why "Calming Down" May Not Always Be the Best Response

Dr. Mike Freel, Program Director and Associate Professor

Emotional Intelligence (EI) has been popularized as the missing ingredient for advancing up the corporate ladder. But it's so much more! EI is the ability to identify emotions and use emotional information for making decisions, working with coworkers, clients and customers, and building relationships. During this webinar, you'll learn how to apply emotional information in your daily interactions. You'll even get to experience how your thoughts affect your emotions.

On-Demand: When Leadership is Needed Most

Jonathan Titus, MBA, CPLP, Director of Continuing Education

Leadership skills are learned; there's no such thing as a born leader. The greatest asset of any company is its people. The most important factor for the long-term success of any business is its leadership. We're not talking about the CEO here, either. There are leadership responsibilities at all levels of an organization. Change the way you think about leadership. Join this interactive webinar to gain insights about how you can improve your own prospects, developing knowledge, skills, and abilities greater than you've ever had before.

On-Demand: If Your Data Analysis Leads to More Questions, You're Doing It Right!

Catie Williams, Data Science Program Director

More professionals report wishing they knew more about data than any other area. We all are presented with a ton of data today and would like to know more about what it means, whether it's reliable, the stories the data tell, and, finally how to present the stories from data. In this webinar, you'll learn how to understand the story the data are telling us, whether the data are reliable, and how to create compelling visualizations and explanations of the story.

On-Demand: Safe, Online Communications

Doug Rausch, Director of the Center for Cybersecurity Education and 2019 Top Tech Educator of the Year by AIM Institute

There's a reason cybersecurity is one of the fastest growing occupations today. We're all online more – especially lately. With COVID-19, online is the main way we talk to each other. In this webinar you'll learn how to do it safely, whether you're using Zoom, Facebook, Amazon, Google, or Skype. You'll also learn about social media best practices to protect your personal information and privacy.

On-Demand: Motivating Half the Workforce: Women in Leadership Today

Liz Pettinger, Director of Key Account Management and Operations, Corporate Learning Services

At the end of last year, we commissioned new research about how the five generations in the workplace view leadership. The surprise was that all five generations generally shared similar views. The real differences were between the genders. Think that women in the 21st century have made great strides on the leadership ladder? Not so much! In this webinar we'll talk about the results of our study and compare it to others who look at women in leadership.

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