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As a private, nonprofit university with nearly 25 years of experience offering online degrees, Bellevue University is dedicated to ongoing innovation to enhance services for students like you. This innovation includes 100% online learning that's both flexible and affordable to help you start or advance your career. You'll experience an education that is rich, relevant, and engaging.

Connected Learning Option

Select bachelor's degree programs courses are available in our Connected Learning format. Connected Learning allows students to participate in actual classroom learning real time – with the convenience of being online.

These bachelor's degree programs offer courses which are available in the Connected Learning option:

Overall, Bellevue University's advanced technology makes helps students feel they are as engaged as if they were sitting in the classroom.

All online learning at Bellevue University is supported by student services including 24/7 access to the library, a tutoring center, and a writing center.

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Extraordinary Support

Bellevue University provides extraordinary support for online learners. Watch the video.

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